Funds star John White, seared by bitter divorce battle, launches his own law firm

17th June ‘18

A former hedge fund manager has launched his own law firm after an acrimonious divorce fired him up to take on the “bloated, self-interested and old-fashioned” legal industry.

John White, who ran two of the biggest funds for GLG Partners before retiring aged 45, founded Calibrate Law with litigation lawyer Guy Davis and chief operating officer John Pryor.

White, 49, said he was inspired by his bad experiences in the family court. After a bitter divorce, he eventually lost his relationship with his twin daughters.

“In family law, lawyers are incentivised to litigate and drag things out, because they charge by the hour,” he said.

“As a client, your interests are diametrically opposed — as are your children’s, even more importantly. For everyone’s mental health, you…

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