Significant change is needed to provide better outcomes for families who separate

19th November ‘20

Significant change is needed to provide better outcomes for families who separate

A recent report from the Family Solutions Group calls for a rethink, arguing that family law issues – particularly those involving children must be addressed differently from other legal disputes.

Research is clear that parental conflict harms children, affecting their long-term mental health and future life prospects. The parental focus needs to move to cooperating over shared responsibilities.

The report calls for a range of reforms including, including improved information for children, a holistic range of support from therapists and mediators alongside legal services, and compulsory training for those that for all those who practise family law – to raise awareness of the psychological implications of separation on both parents and children.

At Calibrate Law, we recognise the impact our lawyers conduct can have on separating families and train all our family lawyers in Mental Health First Aid; we also provide our clients with the additional resource of the Calibrate Network – trusted advisors we have worked with – counsellors, psychologists, therapists and mediators.

Read the full report: What about me? Reframing support for families following parental separation 

If you require support or guidance on the issues highlighted in this post, or generally on divorce and separation, please contact our experienced family law team [email protected]

This post is intended to be a brief note for clients and other interested parties. The information is believed to be correct at the date of publication but should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice.


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