If you currently live or work overseas, or are planning to do so, your tax status will almost certainly be impacted by your change of residence, it is vital to plan your financial affairs to the best tax effect.

One of the perceived benefits of living and working abroad is the expectation of a tax-free, or near tax-free lifestyle. However, absences from the UK carefully must be considered carefully, especially if you plan to return at some point in the future, as some income and capital gains earned outside the UK could still become liable to tax on your return.

Pre-departure planning is essential and our expert team at Calibrate Law can assist you with the tax efficient organisation of your financial affairs to help manage you and your family’s financial needs while living and working abroad.

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"Any move, even a temporary one requires careful planning. Clients thinking of moving between countries typically find there is enormous benefit to taking tax advice well before arriving in the new jurisdiction."

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