The decision to manage wealth through a single-family office can be a complicated one. Managing any family’s day-to-day affairs is rarely straightforward and when the family is high-profile, has considerable wealth, or is internationally mobile, the complexities increase considerably.

We are experienced in working with family offices on a global basis, helping to navigate the challenges and opportunities they face. We frequently advise on the structure, design, key roles and responsibilities when an establishing a new family office, as well as advising on the numerous sources of risk an established family office may face, such as investment loss or devaluation, changes in regulation and tax investigations.

Through our collective knowledge, we can provide cohesive advice on a full range of issues including tax on investments, international trusts and foundations, corporate and regulatory to deliver a robust tax-efficient strategy.

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"Single-family offices face numerous sources of risk, including investment loss or devaluation, compliance failure, tax investigations or changes of regulations and compliance failures."

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