Funding litigation can be expensive, we are proud to offer a variety of fee structures that may be suitable for your case:

  • Fixed fee: we will seek to fix our legal fees for specific phases or discrete tasks within larger matters and cases. We can also consider fee caps and fee corridors, i.e. a fixed floor (minimum) and ceiling (maximum) fee.
  • Damages Based Agreements (DBAs): our fees are payable on the successful outcome of the case and are determined as a percentage of the outcome. Please see our detailed guidance on this issue.
  • Discounted Conditional Fee Agreements (dCFAs): our fees are charged at a discount hourly rate as the case progresses. If the case is not successful, you will pay nothing further for our fees than the discounted fees (already paid). If the case is successful, you will make up the difference between the discounted fees and our standard hourly rate, plus a success fee (a percentage uplift on our standard hourly rate). Please see our detailed guidance on this issue.
  • Hourly rate: our fees are charged on a reasonable and proportional hourly basis. We are happy to combine an hourly rate with e.g. a fixed fee arrangement.
  • Periodic retainers: a recurring fee for an agreed amount of work undertaken during a specified period.

Clients should consider fee structures carefully and in detail. Additionally, After the Event Insurance (ATE Insurance) may be available to cover the costs of litigation, and you should check whether you have legal indemnity insurance or Before the Event Insurance in place.

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