The Court of Protection exists to help people who are no longer capable of making decisions about the management of their property and financial affairs or personal welfare, usually by authorising the appointment of a deputy (who can be either a lay deputy, e.g. a family member, or a professional deputy).

Our Legacy team regularly advise on Mental Capacity issues and supports elderly clients and their attorneys and/or deputies on issues surrounding old age and illness to provide sensible and workable advice during what is often a very difficult and confusing time in people’s lives.

We are equally able to assist with more complex matters such as the sale, purchase or adaptation of a property, applying for authority to make a gift or engaging in tax planning, or perhaps seeking authority to make a statutory Will (where the client has not managed to make a Will before losing mental capacity).

We are committed to helping our clients overcome the challenges these situations bring and deliver forward planning, support and advice at an often difficult and stressful time for both the individual and their families and friends.

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"The support I have received has been first class and has made all the difference in my ability to deal with a very difficult set of circumstances."
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