Working out what is best for the children when a relationship or marriage ends can be extremely difficult for all parties involved. We handle every matter involving children with the utmost sensitivity, our focus upon the mental health of our clients and their children is something that sets us apart from other law firms.

Every family is unique: each requires bespoke arrangements to ensure that the children’s best interests are promoted, their well-being considered, and their various needs are met. It is usually best for your family if any disputes involving your children can be resolved through agreement between you and your partner, and ideally through mediation rather than in the courts.

We are experienced in all types of issues involving children and will always work to safeguard their interests – whether disputes over paternity, living arrangements, access (by parents or grandparents), schooling, maintenance, relocation or parental alienation.


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“We understand the need for specialist support which is why our team are fully trained in mental health first aid.”

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