Our team of family lawyers have considerable experience in acting for or advising parents on financial claims on behalf of children.

Under the provisions of Schedule 1 to the Children Act 1989, parents (married and unmarried) can make applications for financial provision for their dependent children, dealing with housing, capital and maintenance. If you are separating and have children, you may be entitled to make claims on behalf of your children for maintenance, school fees, capital and housing.

The court’s main concern will always be the needs of the children and their carer, considering the financial resources available. We can advise you about the interplay between court applications and the Child Maintenance Service. Getting a realistic and accurate strategy right from the outset can make a big difference to the chances of success.


There are good reasons as to why parties should seek to resolve the financial implications of their marriage/partnership as soon as possible and certainly within a reasonable amount of time, read more in our blog post, ‘Are there time limits on settling financial arragements on separation?’

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“I have found the team to be more dynamic and knowledgeable than others with regard to the law itself and equally sensitive to the potential impact upon one’s children.”
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