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Calibrate Law was established in 2017 as a multi-disciplinary law practice, providing a portfolio of legal and accounting services to reflect the emerging features of a more dynamic legal market and regulatory landscape.

Founder John White,  former hedge fund manager and principal of his family office, was inspired to launch a law firm to drive change and create better outcomes for clients from within the legal industry.   Indeed, his own extensive research and first-hand experience concluded that the interests of larger professional firms are not always aligned with those of their clients.


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“Disruption will lead to a more sensible pricing structure, better outcomes and the alignment of interests.”
Founder, John White


Total Commitment - there are times in your life when it is necessary. When it is critical. When it can change your future.

Total Commitment

is a promise from a new law firm. Promising it on each case that deserves it, turning down those cases which do not. So clients will receive the support they need, not just the support they pay for. So clients can expect to win, not assume they might lose.

Total Commitment

is a personal commitment. To the work, the speed, the agility demanded. To the conviction, the courage, the dedication expected.

Total Commitment

is to your just cause. To your vulnerable interests. To your rights under the law.

Total Commitment

is unflinching in the heat of battle. Unmoved by inevitable setbacks. Confident in the final outcome.

Calibrate Law.
For those who deserve total commitment.

Our philosophy

Our success is rooted in our core values which form the founding principles that define what we stand for as a law firm, and as individuals.

We challenge the conventional approach

We believe in aligning our interests with those of our clients. It is for this reason that we propose commercial terms based on value, rather than time for our services. We actively seek cost-conscious and intelligent solutions and work with our clients to create a more focused pricing structure.

We offer a competitive advantage

Unlike many traditional law firms, we recognise technology as a driver for client service and invest accordingly to innovate and provide efficiencies. By adopting cutting edge technological systems, our clients benefit from agility, increased productivity and transparency

We are committed to creating the best possible outcomes

We work hard to understand the matter, but equally as hard to understand the client behind it. We invest time and resource at the beginning of the process to obtain an in-depth understanding of your circumstances and objectives to create the best possible results.

Calibrate Law

Calibrate Legal Services LLP is a limited liability partnership authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA no. 660293) and registered in England & Wales (no. OC425432). Calibrate Legal Services LLP trades under the name Calibrate Law.


The Legal Services Act (2007) enables legal businesses, including law firms, to put in place alternative business structures and seek alternative forms of investment. For the first time, it allows law firms to be owned and managed by experienced business managers rather than just solicitors.

Calibrate Law recognised the benefits such a structure could offer to its clients and became a Multi-Disciplinary Practice (a form of Alternative Business Structure) in June 2018. We believe that by combining the skills of our experienced solicitors along with leading business managers, we will be able to ensure that our clients receive the highest service levels possible.

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