Tax and Legacy

Tax is an ever-evolving area of the law that can especially impact your own and your family’s wealth creation goals. The international mobility of both people and capital often means the tax laws of other jurisdictions need to be considered in tandem.

We can assist you to structure a significant investment or sensibly manage the divestment of a supremely valuable asset, whether it be solely in the UK, or across international borders, and ensure you are aware of the opportunities available to you under the tax law. We can also assist you or a family member when they are moving either to or from another country.

The passing on of wealth is an intimately personal decision for anyone. It is vital to understand how estate taxes may impact on your legacy and to include this into your planning. We can advise you on how to reduce the inheritance tax burden on your estate by providing ideas and solutions that meet your objectives and then by carefully drafting your Will.

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Our Approach

At Calibrate Law we believe in the alignment of our interests to those of our clients. This is at the core of our philosophy.

Our tax practitioners are not hampered by hourly rates and so we are free to meet with you to discuss your own or your family’s circumstances to offer initial ideas and insights. Only after we both agree on a defined project will we enter into a fee relationship with you.

We work with local and international families and family offices from an early stage as well as eminent entrepreneurs. We advise on business and financial investments, UK and international property investments and property developments involving residential and commercial use. We can help you establish a family office in the UK or overseas.

The UK affords valuable tax advantages to international families and entrepreneurs investing in the UK because inbound investment is a vital part of our economy. We are acutely aware of these benefits and we are totally committed to enable you to understand them so that you may structure your investments efficiently.

Inheritance tax can substantially diminish the value of your estate and so it is prudent to consider how to mitigate the potential impact of this tax during your lifetime. Some may wish to establish a trust during their lifetime to protect their legacy for their family. Assets located outside the UK may also be subject to foreign wealth and estate taxes and these too need to be considered. 

The UK offers several statutory reliefs which may be of significant value where used properly. We can assist you in understanding your existing estate tax exposure and discuss with you ways this can be reduced or mitigated under the law. We can also assist with drafting of Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection Applications, probate and trust administration.

Death can be an extremely difficult time for friends and family. Our aim is to ensure the administration of the estate is conducted quickly, smoothly, and in a tax efficient manner.

We work closely with executors throughout the process of administering an estate to ensure a cost-efficient and streamlined probate process on often high value and complex estates with cross-border issues. However, we do not charge on a percentage of the value of the estate.

We offer our clients fixed fees so that the executors and beneficiaries can be clear from the outset what our fees will be. Please click here for further information on our estate fees and on the expected time-frames.