Litigation is the term used to describe proceedings initiated between two opposing parties to enforce or defend a legal right, often referred to as dispute resolution and problem solving.  

Whilst most litigation cases are settled by agreement between the parties, sometimes it is necessary to apply to Court to determine the position. We recognise that the process can be traumatic, and we treat our clients with care and compassion throughout. Everything we do is focused on achieving positive outcomes for our clients.

Our Approach

We conduct all areas of litigation for a broad range of clients – from HNW wealth creators, SMEs and family offices to entrepreneurs and private individuals.

Before we accept an instruction, and with no fee chargeable, we spend significant time and resource in researching the matter in hand. We meet every prospective client for an initial discussion, we take a principled stance on who we choose to work with, and we will only act if we are confident that we will achieve a positive outcome. That is why our success rate is so high. Everything we do here at Calibrate Law is focused on achieving the best possible outcome for you.


We help to make the process of legal action as seamless and cost effective as possible for our clients and provide you with a range of professional services and practices all under one roof.

Our expertise covers complex disputes involving several parties, professional negligence claims, negligent misrepresentation and fraudulent misrepresentation, property disputes, director and shareholder disputes, debt recovery actions, construction and engineering claims, defamation, asset freezing and other injunctive relief.

We recognise that litigation is not the only course of action to settle a dispute. Another way is to enter into a form of dispute resolution, meaning the parties resolve the dispute by consent and without the need for a determination at Court. This involves careful consideration of the position of all the parties, both legally and financially, before implementing a strategy and the necessary tactics to reach the desired result. This can be hugely beneficial to our clients who want to reduce the risk of a trial and save the time and costs in dealing with legal proceedings.

Dispute resolution can be conducted before proceedings are issued, or concurrently during proceedings.

We encourage our clients at every stage to consider dispute resolution, which normally involves an “off the record” meeting between the parties (known as a “without prejudice” meeting) or mediation, but can also include arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Mediation is the most popular form of dispute resolution, and often leads to settlement. It is a process by which both parties instruct an independent mediator at a neutral venue to assist them in negotiating a settlement of the dispute between themselves.

Where a claim or debt cannot be disputed, or when enforcing a Judgment, we regularly act for clients in issuing and serving winding up petitions or bankruptcy petitions, charging orders, third party debt orders and other forms of enforcement.

Our insolvency and bankruptcy expertise assists individuals, companies and insolvency practitioners on all aspects of administration, bankruptcy, receiverships, voluntary arrangements, creditor’s liquidation, directors' duties and disqualifications, fraud investigations, asset freezing and other injunctive relief.

We act for several leading insolvency practitioners, are well-known with the London Official Receivers, and typically appear in the winding up list for petitioners.

Whilst modern businesses sometimes hire in-house counsel to handle their legal work, in many cases clients choose to outsource a general counsel role to us due to our experience in all areas of litigation and dispute resolution. This is particularly beneficial to clients who want us to help them avoid disputes arising by directing the strategy and legal initiative.

We are able to give honest and impartial advice which can really help benefit your business and provide clear guidance and advice on some of the best practices your business should be adopting when it comes to legal matters.

We regularly advise clients about any legal concerns that relate to their business activities – be it contracts, duty of care, taxes, corporate governance, business policy and so on. This advice includes how best to implement and manage the legal functions within the company so as to adhere to and follow best practice to ensure complete compliance with legislation and avoid disputes at all costs.

We have proven expertise and a team of specialists who look after a range of legal affairs so if you are looking for someone to help guide the way for your business, let us be your trusted advisors and general counsel.